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Calmmoon Rail

innovative reduction of rail noise

Calmmoon Rail is a highly innovative and effective rail web noise protection system. The Calmmoon sheets convert sound waves into heat by molecular friction - an entirely new approach to solving the problem of noise reduction for railway tracks. The effect may be compared to a small noise insulation panel installed directly on the rail.

Technology analysis

2008 - in collaboration with koocoo, the efficiency of Calmmoon Rail is enhanced by 50%.
2009 - detailed product analyses are carried out in practical use on the ÖBB Austrian rail network.
2011 - field trials on 2 Deutsche Bahn projects
2012 - Deutsche Bahn and BMVI (German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) publish investigation report KPII demonstrating that Calmmoon Rail, with an average 3 dB noise reduction, is the most effective system for rail web noise damping.
2012/13 - improved technology for maintenance works
2012/13 - field trials on maintenance works in Germany and Holland
2015 - field trials in Switzerland on a test section of BLS AG

Approvals procedures

In April 2010 the German EBA (Federal Railway Authority) grants approval for operational trials on the German rail network.
In March 2011 Deutsche Bahn issues a positive user declaration.
2018 sees the final approval by the EBA.


Technical presentations internationally including at IWRN 2010 and 2013
Website, marketing literature and processing instructions
Articles in international railway engineering journals
Trade show stand design, attendance and client consulting during show

Market launch

By 2018 Calmmoon Rail has been placed on more than 80 km of track on the Deutsche Bahn rail network.
Field measurements in Belgium and Switzerland were carried out to the clients’ full satisfaction.