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revolutionary soil stabilisation

Consolid is a ground-breaking technology for mechanical soil stabilisation, which significantly increases the subsoil load-bearing capacity, especially in areas of fine-grained soil.
Two different components are worked into the soil and rolled. This improves the load-bearing capacity of the ground so much that it can then carry both track ballast and the rail track. Consolid also reduces water absorption and stabilises the bearing layer against water erosion.

Technology analysis

In the winter of 2008 koocoo presents Consolid technology to Wiener Linien, the Vienna public transport organisation, for the upgrading of the U6 metro line.
In spring and summer 2009 we determine in extensive laboratory trials with the TU Vienna the achievable soil characteristics after installing Consolid.


Marketing literature and processing instructions
Articles in international railway journals

Market launch

In September 2009 Wiener Linien, in association with the TU Vienna, uses Consolid for the first time for the renewal of the underground ballast track at Tschertegasse on Vienna’s U6 line.

2016 sees the market introduction of the technology in Serbia. We conduct field trials and laboratory tests and undertake the marketing activities. The target industries are road, railway and power station construction.

The use of Consolid offers important advantages compared with other improvement processes:

  • Short line closure and project times
  • Delivery and removal of soil material reduced to virtually zero
  • A bearing layer stabilised with Consolid can also be used for surface water drainage.