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Market launch

ensuring a successful market launch

Once the first 5 to 10 client projects have been delivered and you have positive feedback from them or their clear intention to go for your innovation in future, we can talk about the right moment for a market launch.

Here too koocoo is always on hand and pleased give you reliable and skilled assistance.

Technical talks and discussions

When all the conditions for the practical application of your technology are met, we present to your clients the economic and technical advantages of your innovation. Technical talks and discussions on its benefits and optimum areas of use allow us to go deeper into the needs of clients and manufacturers alike.

Making the change

The market and its decision-makers are not yet familiar with the new technology. Ongoing and lively communication reinforces the interest and confidence of decision-makers in the technology. Starting with the designers, through to the responsible department heads and on to the business decision-makers, we gradually encourage company practices to change until the client is ready to take the plunge and put the product into operation for the first time.

Positive feedback

Positive feedback on your technology is the best news you can have to concentrate the client’s mind and make him take action.

So, with koocoo’s assistance you have achieved your goal.