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Market strategy

targeting markets systematically

In close cooperation with you koocoo plans the perfect market strategy for your product, based on the respective market requirements, your internal objectives and your particular interests.


After further searching discussion we decide on the best markets.

Defined by

  • clients’ readiness to innovate
  • the need for your technology
  • clients’ purchasing power
  • the potential of our network and the swiftest route to market
  • other aspects of the market

Agreeing the goals

We clearly describe the goals resulting from the market analysis. In a target vs. actual comparison koocoo presents the individual stages of the process along a clear timeline and constantly monitors them so you are kept informed of the progress to market of your technology.

Business plan

The timeline for the agreed goals provides the basis for the business plan, setting out the necessary business and human resources to achieve them, extrapolated to the point when your sales revenues are likely to cover the investment costs.