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Railway engineering - development of new markets

FFU synthetic wood sleeper

By 2018 this technology was introduced, in collaboration with koocoo, in the following
European markets:
Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, UK, Ireland, Norway,
Sweden and Hungary.

Final approvals granted by 2018 in: Austria, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and UK.

Starting in 2018, we have been working with Finland, Poland, Denmark, Russia,
Spain and Portugal.

Calmmoon Rail - Rail web shielding

By 2018 more than 80 km of Deutsche Bahn track has been equipped with this system. Field trials for acoustic efficiency were carried out in Austria, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

Noise barrier technologies

In the field of high-efficiency noise barrier systems we are supporting innovative companies with their European market launch.

Soil stabilisation

One market provider’s technology was successfully applied for the first time in Austria in 2009. 2016 saw successful field trials and laboratory tests in Serbia and approval for use granted.

Railway engineering - project management

The first 5 to 10 projects in a new country are implemented with our skilled preparation, assistance, delivery and follow-up.

PR activities - market launch

By 2018 we have published more than 30 technical articles in international trade journals.
We are regularly producing photographic, textual and design material for marketing literature and web pages on individual systems and projects in multiple languages.
More than 20 trade shows prepared and organised.
More than 25 technical presentations given in more than 10 countries.